New Journalism ushered in a new era of highly descriptive news stories. It redefined the way profiles were written, and the manner in which one could break down large chunks of news-bytes.

Here are four examples of New Journalism that have shaped my writing and storytelling throughout the semester, in both English and Spanish:

The rich descriptive qualities found in these pieces are incredibly exciting. They redefine the power of journalism and expand its limits using techniques that I thought were unconventional to storytelling.

The leads are not only powerful, but empowering.

They establish relationships that create a sense of trust and immediate engagement, emanating a magic that was only reserved for fiction. In doing so, they imbue fictional elements into real life situations, without letting go of the journalistic values that make these stories so veritably precious.

These examples allow others to keep searching for good ways to tell a story, as opposed to allowing them to continue on the search for good stories to tell .

New Journalism makes every story matter, which is the reason why I think journalism will never die, and why I find no work of fiction that can match up to the beauty of real life.