Through my brief experience with publication, I found that, just like anyone else, I enjoyed seeing my name in print. I was also surprised to find that even with my awkward interviewing skills, I enjoy the entire process of taking notes, interviewing, and writing up the final product.
My first article assignment was to cover the 30th Art March downtown, an event that I knew nothing about and had no idea where to begin. My luck came in the form of a graphics design major agreeing to attend with me. His understanding of the abstract art in some of the galleries opened up conversations with just the right people.
My second experience with interviewing was a professor profile of Bob Williams, an instructor on Environmental Biology. I went in knowing I was going to thoroughly enjoy the conversation because I am always eager to hear about someone’s experiences. The only conflicts with writing a profile were 1) trying to make the information appeal to a younger audience and 2) not being able to include absolutely everything I learned. I certainly came away from the conversation with a vast amount of knowledge on things I would not have learned elsewhere.
I will continue to write for the Inkwell in hopes of refining my skills and meeting more interesting people.