Imagine toddlers in the middle of a daycare room, preparing to bite, push, and kick each other. Imagine the daycare workers placing bets and pumping up their star toddler. Do you have that imagine in your head? Now erase it completely. This story is nowhere near as dramatic as an actual toddler fight club and while that should relieve you, the story still involves toddlers fighting.

A video was sent to school administrators from a disgruntled terminated employee along with threatening messages. The article does not expound on these details, but the desire for more information is present. The video shows the woman’s 4 year old son “put in a headlock, there was shoving, kicking, fighting, the little boy was trying to bite [her son] in the arm.” Throughout the article, the phrase “the video was taken” is used, but they do not clarify whether someone was taking the video or the video is from a camera on the wall. I feel like more concern should be raised if someone is simply sitting there videoing two children fight and cheering them on. Even more so, I feel like the woman should be outraged. There should be a lawsuit in order!

I have so many questions. Video on the wall or someone’s phone? How did the disgruntled employee get the video? Why did it take a employee getting terminated for them to send in the video? Why am I left with so many questions?