This semester marked the first time that I have written for a publication. I was really excited to begin working with the Inkwell staff and knew that I was going to learn a lot. I feel that I have become a better writer, especially when I compared my first Inkwell story to my last Inkwell story.

I remember my first story. It literally took me three hours to write this article. I found the construction process of the bike path to be a little confusing, so I wanted to write in a way that would make sense to the reader. Organization was probably the hardest part of this story. We had just discussed the ‘Inverted Pyramid’ style, so I wanted to write following that same method. I tried including the most important content at the front, while the less important information was added towards the end.

The best part about writing five articles for the Inkwell was the networking. For example, a majority of my stories required me going out and talking with different people who work on campus. Katie Twining, who oversees facility services at Armstrong, was mentioned in two of my articles; therefore, I was able to really get to know her and establish a relationship with her. So, when I write for the Inkwell in the future and I have a story relating to facility services, I know that I can go to her for relevant information. Even so, she may even have a few ideas for future stories! This class has taught the importance of networking, and how it can be a key factor with your overall success in this field.

I highly enjoyed writing for the Inkwell. The experience was remarkable and I look forward to writing for the publication even after this semester.