If you’re a Bond fan like me, then you’re pretty well aware of MGM’s finical struggles trying to keep the franchise alive. After the success of “Skyfall,” it seems kind of weird that Bond manages to hide from audiences for two-five years at a time.


And this film is big, y’all.

Putting this start-studded cast of Christoph Walz and the ever-charming Daniel Craig aside, James Bond’s bond-girl is finally in the same decade as the spy.

The so-called “Bond girl,” in this film, is Monica Bellucci, age 50. For a franchise that has been built on the idea that Britain’s most famous spy has no qualms about romantic entanglements with a teenager (Aliza Gur was a teenager while filming “From Russia With Love”), it’s a step forward.

Monica Bellucci is gorgeous, a crucial pre-requisite for a Bond girl, but she’s also a legitimate actress.

This is a huge “step forward.” When I think of Bond Girls in the past, I’m not particularly impressed. The true female characters me were always Moneypenny and Miranda Frost (because, come on, it’s Rosamund Pike.). With the exception of Denise Richards and Halle Berry, none of the Bond girls really meant anything outside the world of Bond.

This is a rare form of entertainment news the really does mean something to the world.

Notable James Bond actors include Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, and, naturally, Daniel Craig. These were actors who had legitimate careers before their respective stints as the British spy. The role only amplified their fame. The same didn’t happen for any of the Bond girls. Bellucci has a legitimate career and this role, ideally, will help her in American cinema.

Way to go, Bond!