This semester has been a doozy for me: I graduate this Saturday, get married in February, and face the wonderful challenge of figuring out what I’m supposed to do with my degree in the full-time occupation of wife.

I embrace my next couple of months’ occupation as a housewife gladly. I’m excited to take a much deserved break and figure out myself beyond the realms of pupil and daughter. However, I would like to think that my $$$$+ education wasn’t for naught. Especially in classes like these, where we learn how to write for actual people and not just subject to the discretion of a professor with a red pen, I’d like to be able to transfer that into the “real world.” Whatever that reality may hold.

I’ve always known about “mommy/wife blogs,” they are advertised everywhere on Pinterest and some of my dear homemaking friends post certain links to certain blog posts which really spoke to them. Blogs can serve as inspirational outlets for moms struggling to raise kids or wives just trying to figure out how to turn an oven on. Some involve Scripture, some don’t. Each blog, I’ve found, serves a different demographic. That’s an advantage to this particular form of media because it’s one raw idea trying to carve its own way into the internet. “Middle-men” don’t exist.

So maybe one day I’ll take what I’ve learned in Journalism 3720 and transfer it into a blog for women holding a bachelor’s degree trying to figure out what to do with it when life happens (i.e. marriage or kids). I could see myself having a lot of really funny stories to tell about the time I tried to boil water or balance a checkbook. Who knows? It could become my own little business.