The Savannah Morning News, WTOC-TV, GPB Radio – Savannah.

These three companies have something in common, all three are passionate about covering news that impacts the people of Savannah and the surrounding area.

Local news is a wonderful thing. Sure, it’s disappointing to watch a tornado destroy a house in Oklahoma or learn about a national corporation going bankrupt. Yet, it is even more detrimental when you hear about the family of three who live two blocks down from you lost everything in an overnight fire.

There is just something about local news, it caters and satisfies the wants and needs of those living around here. I still believe that people care about local news, and even though many do not subscribe to a local newspaper or routinely watch a local television broadcast, it does not mean that they do not care about it.

Although, I eventually want to work for a network, I am still excited about my time in local markets. I strongly believe that local news strengthens the unity and appreciation of a community. We celebrate when we hear how tourism in our city continues to increase, and we grieve when we hear of lives lost in a neighborhood shooting and join together to make sure that something is done about the crime.

We do not get this type of impacting news from our networks, we get it from our small local news outlets. Local news continues to impact a community, without it, who knows what could be going on in Savannah, Georgia. I hope that news consumers will continue liking the national and international headlines, but they do not forget about what is going on in their own backyards.