It’s understood that when newspapers fall under financial pressure that they tend to drop columns such as the lifestyle and arts columns, or even other opinion writers.

I honestly feel like this shouldn’t happen because those columns are just as important as the news articles in newspapers.

Opinion columns and the arts and lifestyle columns are necessary in my opinion. In order for myself to develop ideas about a topic, I usually turn to other writers’ points of views.

Looking at something else leads me into developing my own sense of something. If I find myself disagreeing with their opinion, I can look into a story and figure out what I think. Without others’ columns such as these ones it’s hard for me to form my own opinion on certain topics.

I don’t think columns should be cut when there are financial issues because they offer a forum for debate as well. After reading someone’s opinion, it’s easy to spark up a conversation with a friend over that opinion.

It’s nice to be able to read something that offers a different take on a subject rather than only relying on my own ideas.