On March 13 Grammy award winning comedian Lewis Black will be preforming at the Savannah Civic Center.

Black has been known for his extensive career as a stand up comedian. He also periodically host his own segment on John Stewart’s The Daily Show called “Back in Black”. Black is known not only for his comedic perspective on politics and everyday nuisances, but his “hot headed” temper on stage.

I saw Lewis black on 2008 at the Bonnaroo music and arts festival. About a minute into his bit a bottle came flying out of the crowd and hit him in the head. He then ranted for about a minute and stormed off stage. The lesson being, he is much funnier to watch if you don’t throw things at him.

There was later a satirical video made about the incident relating it to an absurd conspiracy theory. If you have time and want a quick laugh here is the link.

Tickets for the show are now on sale ranging from $30 to $60 and can be found at livenation.com. I highly recommend you go. The guy is hilarious!!!