CNN reported: Part of Robert Ferrante’s job had been to manage a laboratory that conducted clinical trials using various drugs and chemicals.Until he was accused of using one of those substances — cyanide — to kill his wife.On Friday, a Pennsylvania jury determined that this accusation was well founded, convicting the University of Pittsburgh medical researcher and professor of murder in death of 41-year-old Autumn Klein.

This was an interesting article, due to it being focused on a man who many looked up to. Robert Ferrante was a neurologist at University of Pittsburgh. Him and his wife were both successful individuals with one daughter. His wife died due to consuming creatine, used to help her get pregnant. A day before Ferrante’s wife became ill, Ferrante bought half-a pound of cyanide. The cyanide for humans is deadly. Investigators found that the creatine was mixed with cyanide.

This story was very interesting to me, due to the information from the jurors and attorneys. Even though Ferrante was convicted of the killing of his wife, his attorneys still are fighting for his justice. The thing that I feel most sad about is that a mother was lost and a young girl has to grow up with both her mother and father not a part of her life.