My second critique focuses on a CNN article covering the strict quarantine policies put in place for healthcare workers returning from West Africa. The policies have been loosened, but when first enacted, called for anyone returning from having direct contact with Ebola patients in West Africa to be quarantined for 21 days. New York, New Jersey and Illinois enacted these policies and received much back-lash from the federal government that put pressure on these states to change their policies.

The government does not want these strict policies to discourage healthcare workers from going to help in West Africa, or criminalize them when they return.

Im sure the name Kaci Hickox sounds familiar to many of you; she is the nurse that was forced to stay in a quarantine tent in Newark immediately upon her arrival back to the states, and is the face of the controversy. I think CNN did a great job covering the issue. They laid the parameters of the problem and answered the questions that they knew the public would have. I will be talking about what the authors did to make this article great.