I found this article on Syracuse.com which reports on the opening of a Costco in Camillus, NY. What caught my attention was the title 93-inch stuffed bears and $112,000 earrings: Costco by the numbers. From the title I thought it would be a good article to do my blog post on…and it was, but when I went to the article I found an interesting style. The author of the article has decided to list a bunch of numbers with explanations of each that gives the readers an idea of what Costco offers and how it may effect the community.

About 4,000: The total number of products the stores carry.

93 inches: The height of Costco’s famed stuffed bear. Cost: $180.

$1.50: The cost of the store’s quarter-pound hot dog. It’s been the same price since the first Costco opened in 1983. Comes with a 20-ounce soda.

$42,000: The cost of a diamond ring on display at the Camillus store

$112,000: The cost of a pair of diamond earrings on display at the Camillus store

148,000: Square footage of the Camillus store

260: Number of employees at the Camillus store. That includes about 60 seasonal employees.

$55: The cost of a Costco gold star membership. That’s the basic membership level.

665: Number of Costco warehouses worldwide after the Camillus location opens.

$110.2 billion: Costco’s annual revenue in its 2014 fiscal year.

190,000: Costco employees worldwide.

It is an interesting approach, in that, it doesn’t take the usual article style but instead reads like a list. It is also interesting because the numbers that the author offers may raise some questions, as well, like why is a savings store like Costco selling earrings for $112,000?