I was particularly impressed with a lead found in an ABC News article regarding a change in New York law regarding marijuana possession. The article brings to light a recent development in drug laws that will decriminalize marijuana in New York; rather than facing jail time and a permanent criminal record, violators will instead be subjected to a $100 fine.

I found this to be a strong lead because in the first two sentences, everything you need to know is clearly stated. While a news article should draw in the reader so that they finish reading the entire article, I believe that a good lead should portray the most important information so that anyone quickly skimming the news can easily find out what they need to know.

Another reason I found this lead to be effective is because it did a superb job of clarifying the importance of the issue. It starts out by stating that “thousands of people carrying small amounts of marijuana may no longer be arrested or face criminal charges”. By assigning a number to the population it is referring to, it is known right off the bat that this new law will have a profound effect on the lives of a large number of people. The lead also brings attention to the fact that New York is the nation’s biggest city and they are changing their laws; people reading this article that are not from New York will be aware that this law could potentially affect them due to the influence of the nation’s most populated city, so I think that this lead portrays a great deal of information that is both directly stated and inferred.