I will be offering for my first analytic critique essay topic a story that made the news initially in Marianna, Florida concerning a boys’ school that had thrived there until the 1970s when it closed.

The sensationalism surrounding the school is that during the time it was open, several boys over the years went missing and officials running the school stated they had escaped over the years, or simply disappeared without explanation. After the school closed, quite a few unmarked graves containing the so-called runaways were discovered on the school property.

Although Marianna is a small town of a few thousand, the news spread soon spread as far south as Panama City, FL and as far north as Dothan, AL before the sensationalism of the story brought some national coverage. A movie is also in the works.

I hope to find genuine article coverage both locally and regionally on this subject, but I expect a fair amount of columnists offering opinions also–it may be tricky to to find the original unedited material that broke in Marianna since it is often difficult to access archival information directly from a small town newspaper.

Google may indeed be a helpful source of obtaining information concerning this.