I truly believe that the field of journalism will never die. Someone has to go out there, collect valuable and accurate information, and share it with the public. The methods and avenues used by journalists, however, will continue to change in my opinion.

The fact that almost all media has become digitized was very expected. Everything in this world is so technologically advanced that journalism has no choice but to keep up. On that note, print newspapers might eventually be gone all together. I think there will still be major companies printing, mainly for sentimental value and as a back-up just in case something technical goes extremely wrong one day. Other than that, I don’t think the average person will pick up the paper from their mailbox and read it. Every piece of news is coming through their phones, tablets, computers, and any other device accesible to the Internet.

Journalists of today will just have to be more well-rounded when it comes to technology. Not only will blogging and tweeting become a normal procedure, but also video and audio training should be a part of the overall package. But this shouldn’t stop aspiring journalists. It hasn’t slowed me down any.