I considered myself a Traditionalist when it came to getting news. I was a nurse working the night shift for several years, satisfied with catching local news and occasionally the national news on days off. Delivery of the local newspaper went unread for the most part.
Then something happened; in 2011, at the age of 49, I quit my job and returned to college as a full time student. In order to keep up with the younger generation I had to keep up with technology that I had previously been reluctant to learn.
Now I obtain most of my news from the internet. It is a venue of convenience; now I can get up to the minute news from seemingly limitless sources. Local newspapers that I read in paper form are now on the internet, often supported with video or slideshows of the incident. I can research a paper, send email, and get news from a worldwide scope simultaneously.
Three months ago I fired my satellite provider, purchased an antenna to receive my local channels in High-Def, and bought a Roku 3 streaming internet box. The convenience of the box is that it places both news and entertainment in a easy to use format. I now consider sitting down reading the newspaper more a leisure activity to be enjoyed with a good cup of coffee on a lazy weekend.