Cardell Williamson, 19-month-old son of Carlyle Williamson, lost his life at the hands of licensed caregiver Athena Skeeter. This story stood out to me because of the fact that it was a mother and experienced caregiver that committed this homicide.

Carlyle Williamson had watched Ms. Skeeter take care of children years before taking his own child to her at 6 a.m. daily to go to his landscaping job. He obviously trusted this woman, and she had her own small child in her care also, so I am appalled at the fact that she could let this happen to another child. There were other odd incidents before the death occurred.

But Mr. Williamson, 56, said on Sunday that he soon began to see troubling signs when he picked Cardell up from the caregiver, Athena Skeeter, after work: bumps, bruises and once, about two weeks ago, a black eye and a fat lip.

I just don’t think I could have continued to let this woman watch my child after incidents like that. To add to the physical evidence, her excuses were vague as well. Skeeter made up things such as “he slipped on the kitchen floor.”

The death of this toddler is so tragic and could have been avoided in my opinion. I’m just glad justice is being served, and Ms. Skeeter was arrested. However, justice will not bring Cardell back.

“I got full custody, everything, about two months ago,” Mr. Williamson said. “Now I have no child to go with it.”